Testing & Qualification

Offering a variety of tests to meet your memory testing and qualification needs, a leader in flash memory for over a decade Cardwave has developed one of the most comprehensive and impartial testing facilities for its customers, ensuring consistent product reliability and compatibility. 

Our services include:

Functional memory area read/write test

Cardwave offer a comprehensive range of services to test all types of flash memory. Functional testing will test the entire data area to ensure that the device works 100%.

Bit level testing

Tests are performed at bit level to ensure greater assurance of device reliability. Traditional test methods test data from a filesystem perspective, many operating systems will reallocate faulty memory areas within the filesystem to ensure a device functions even if there is a fault. Bit level testing goes straight to the data level, testing each cell for a pass and or fail.  

Soak testing / reliability testing

Multiple tests can be run to whatever requirement is needed, these can be the same test or combination of tests to provide a ‘real world’ representation. For example a combination could be: read testing for 1000 passes, write test of first 100MB of the device for 100 passes, full erase test, full filesystem format.

Read / write speed test and qualification

Read and write speeds published by manufacturers are notoriously unreliable, results can also vary from manufacturer to manufacturer depending on what they define as a test. At Cardwave we can tailor the tests for your requirements to ensure that the parts are qualified for your exact needs. For example, specific minimum read speed of 20MB/s and write speed of 10MB/s. Cardwave qualify your devices to ensure the flash memory meets your minimum requirements.

Specification testing and qualification

Cardwave can test the configuration and specification of your flash memory product, information stored in the flash memory controller can be checked and verified for each device to give reassurance that the product supplied is exactly what you need.

SMART commands

Cardwave can report on S.M.A.R.T. information from your ATA devices.

Full reporting available for quality assurance

Cardwave can provide reports and certifications on tests performed, date / time of test, equipment used, test operator and serial number of device are a few of the fields available if required. As an ISO accredited company quality is assured.