Flash Memory

When others can’t access what you want, we can.

At TrustedMemory - a division of Cardwave®, we consult closely with you to deliver products that best fit the market needs and requirements of your specific application.

High quality components and long term support are important to all of our customers and some markets demand higher performance - faster data rates, better shock resilience or the ability to operate in extreme temperatures.

We have access to the largest range of products from the best suppliers in the world.

Industrial Grade Flash Media

For mission critical applications it is important that your flash media perform at the right levels all of the time. Consumer products are not designed to do this and therefore card manufacturers optimise them for speed at the compromise of reliability. For industrial grade media reliability is more important, a device can be used that will have consistent access speeds over extended periods of use. We can offer solutions for Industrial Grade SD, Industrial Grade USB, Industrial Grade SSD and Industrial Grade Compact Flash. We can source and supply all types of Flash Memory, SLC, MLC, TLC and 3D Nand.

Extended Temperature

Flash media is designed to run under certain environmental conditions, media is designed typically to run between 0 °C and +60 °C. However, what if you need to run the media at -20 °C? This is where extended temperature media can help, we can find and specify the exact media device that works for your environmental needs. We can offer solutions for Extended Temperature SD, Extended Temperature USB, Extended Temperature SSD and Extended Temperature Compact Flash.

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